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When the world needs to view the very best of you
What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what gets posted on      
the Web is here for
everyone to see forever.

What you say and what’s said about you is searchable by
anyone who
wants to learn more about you. Scary? Maybe. Especially if misguided
posts, photos or comments – yours or someone else’s – show up during   
a search of your name. This could create an uncomfortable situation if
you're looking for a job, getting vetted by potential business partners         
or being evaluated by a future love interest. Even if 90 percent of your
online reputation is stellar, it’s the other 10 percent that can haunt you –
especially when indiscretions show up in the first few pages of a search.

That’s where we come in.

weboostu focuses on the attributes that elevate you. You know, the
character traits you want other people buzzing about. With your input,      
we customize a Web content campaign that positions you in an ethical,
credible and positive light. Plain and simple: We drive the good news      
up the charts while the bad stuff gets buried.

Interested in seeing how you the world sees you now? Enter your name     
in quotes ("John Smith") and click the button below. Do the first two or
three pages of the search show links that represent you negatively?            
If the answer is yes, you need our help. It’s our job to make sure the     
world views the very best of you.
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